7 Fabulous Family Portraits That Will Warm Your Heart

Capturing Family Memories

What better way to capture those one of a kind memories, than with a professional family portrait? While it is true that you can take casual pictures with your smart phone, these are usually done on the fly and with no planning ahead.

A professional portrait allows the photographer to carefully plan the photograph with a focused approach for optimal results. This will naturally produce a product that is exactly what you want.

Most people want photographs that are a reflection of the things they hold dear. These photographs freeze in time all our most precious memories. For something that important, you will definitely want to have portraits that accurately capture these memories.

Generational Memories

Memories can stretch across several generations. While we all love family portraits of our immediate family, how wonderful it is to capture all the generations together in one picture!

Oftentimes families are scattered around the country and there are not many chances to gather everyone in the same place. When these opportunities do come about, what better way to commemorate them, than with a fabulous portrait that captures the true essence of your family?

One Family, One Portrait

Many children will fondly remember their grandparents and even their great-grandparents. But circumstances change, so you will want to be sure to capture this moment in time when family members are gathered together.

If you want a generational portrait, several questions should be asked. Who should be in it? What is the theme, and where will the location be? Should all the family members be in the picture? Some possible fun ideas can be placing all the moms in one pose or sitting all the sisters together. These same themes can be for brothers and fathers as well. Why not have all the kids in the family together?

Heartwarming Memories

There is evidence of much love in the family portraits that Bored Panda has placed online for all of us to enjoy. It’s all about the memories, isn’t it? The point of having a great photograph is that it showcases everything we want to remember. It’s the ability to be able to keep these memories for posterity and share these memories with each other.

Photographs serve to remind us that there is nothing in the world more important than family, and that you should cherish these special moments while you can. These memories will last for a lifetime and beyond. Just depending on our own memories of these special events is not enough, and you should make sure that these special moments have been cataloged in photographs, which can be viewed over and over.

These pictures below that have been specially chosen by Bored Panda contain a heartwarming collection of several generations of family. What a variety of love is apparent in these timeless portraits that truly demonstrate the joy of life.

Take some time to view these wonderful portraits, each of which is unique. Be sure to vote for the best!