Silly things about AnnAnn Norment is an Award winning, Certified Professional Photographer covering Charlotte NC and the surrounding areas including Fort Mill SC

Silly things about Ann

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Ann Norment
Fort Mill, SC 29715
*Certified Professional Photographer

Silly things about Ann

1.  I have a serious addiction to Converse tennis shoes. I really need help!

2.  I can’t form a sentence until I have had my first cup of coffee!

3.  I love rollercoasters and have been known to plan vacations around riding    them. The taller and faster the better!

4.  The sound of Hummingbird wings tickles my soul.

5.  I love to cuddle with my Dog Amelia, who was named after Amelia Pond….Yes I am a Doctor Who geek!

6.  The Walking Dead…..OMG! Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Firefly and anything superhero are a few things I geek out on!

7.  Each day is a new adventure in organized chaos and fun!

8.  Wheat thins and cheese wiz in bed is one of my favorite snacks while watching a movie.

9.  Time with my family is precious, we love to camp. We kyak and canoe. Silly Ann fact – I can not get out of a canoe without falling in the water! Really!

10. I love to play board games but I am not good at loosing so I have been known to cheat.

11. My husband Bill is my very best friend in the whole world, we have the same pet name for each other which we abbreviate with BD (Big Dummy) He is the funniest person I know and I adore him. He is my little nerd. He makes me laugh and loves to troll me, he is really good at it too!

12. My husband and I text and Facebook message each other while sitting in the same room. We also do it when we are out and make up stories about other people we see.

13. I LOVE old stuff! The style of home decor and appliances from the 1950s era is so freaking cool. I want an old vintage camper restored with all sorts of vintage items in it. We want to travel the US someday this way.

14. I love a good practical joke. I love to give them as well as receive them. I laugh at myself all the time. My favorite thing to do is scare my office girl Joy because it is so easy to do!

Let’s have lunch and talk about you and your wedding plans! ~ Ann