Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.

You deserve photos that make you feel confident and beautiful. We understand how difficult it can be to choose the right photographer to make you look your best. We’ve helped families all over North and South Carolina create their perfect portrait.

As a full-service photographer, not only do I create beautiful portraits, but I also pride myself on giving my clients an amazing experience from start to finish. This means providing excellent customer service, educating you on your different options, and guiding you to make the best choices for your needs. Once the photography session is complete, I then go to work creating beautiful finished products like prints, wall décor, albums, image boxes and more.

Clients see the value in creating something tangible, and the excitement of seeing the work I created with them in print. There is something very satisfying about creating products that my clients love and enjoy beyond the fleeting five minutes of social media fame. To me, it’s a way to connect with people on a more personal level and to create something that they can physically hold and touch – something that will last longer than just a few seconds on their feed.

I am a Fine art portrait artists. As a fine art photographer, I use my chosen medium to express my creativity resulting in beautiful legacy artwork of your family to enjoy for years to come.

Family Photography

At Ann’s Photography, I focus on capturing those genuine moments that reflect the stories of the people I am photographing. I specialize in creating legacy portraits that show who the subjects are at their core. The one comment I hear time and time again is how relaxing and enjoyable the session was, and that is the best compliment I could ask for. As a result, my clients receive a beautiful, hand-crafted portrait to hang on their walls with pride, and the start of a legacy.

Children Photography

Photography experts and psychologists have delved deep into the topic and come to the conclusion that children’s portraits are important for fortifying a child’s self-esteem and self-worth at a young age. These portraits document their growth and milestones in their young lives, which is why it’s essential for parents to have them taken regularly.

Maternity/Newborn Photography

Maternity and newborn  photos are a way to document and immortalize one of the most amazing and life-changing moments in your life; becoming a parent! You will never forget the day your child is born, and maternity photos are a beautiful way to remember this special time. From the first kick to the first smile, your maternity and newborn photographer will capture it all!

Why Choose Us?


Certified Professional Photographer, Master Photographer, and Photographic Craftsman through Professional Photographers of America. On August 29, 2022, I received the PPA National Award, the highest award given for service through PPA recognizing my contributions to the Photography Industry throughout my career.


All of my product line is of such fine caliber that they are heirloom pieces. They are produced with state-of-the-art printing and premium materials to provide extraordinary quality that will stand the test of time for generations. You will enjoy your family art pieces for years to come.


I have dedicated many years and countless hours of hard work to hone my skills so I could create beautiful works of art for my clients. Composition, color theory, impact, presentation, lighting and posing clients using correct lens choices and knowledge of lighting patterns go into each piece of art I create for my clients. Each portrait is finished in photoshop before printing.

"We don’t take a photograph, we make it" ~ Ansel Adams

Did you know that hanging your family portraits in your home can actually increase your children’s self-esteem? Studies show that by having family photographs taken and displayed prominently in your house, you are sending the message to your children that your family is important to one another and that you cherish the memories you have created together. It is really crucial to show a family unit as just that – a unit. A photographer’s job is to create an image that looks like a safe and protected space for kids, where they feel like they are safe and can be themselves. Kids understand this on a really simple level.

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Family Pictures Charlotte NC
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