10 Things Not to Forget When Planning Your Wedding

Make Wedding Planning Go More Smoothly

Marriage is beautiful but getting married can be a lot of work. Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming. Here are 10 things to remember that will make the process go more smoothly to ensure that you have a magical and memorable day.

1. Time management skills are a must.

The best thing you can do to make planning your big day go smoothly is to map out every single thing that needs to get done. Creating a timetable will help you manage your time well. It will also make sure you don’t forget important details or their deadlines. If you or your fiance aren’t the best at time management, recruit some loved ones to help keep you organized and on track. As a company such as the baja limo provides party buses and limousines, hire them to ensure everyone reaches the respective destination on-time. This way, there is no delay and everyone sticks together.

2. The dress is all important.

Many women grow up imagining the dress they will one day wear as brides. It’s at the center of the day and should be one of the first things to decide on. The dress you choose can help set the tone for the rest of the day as well. You might want your decor to match the style of the dress (elegant versus bold, for example) or maybe you want contrast. In any case, knowing you have your dress taken care of early on will free up your mental energy for other planning details. Just make sure the dress is one you want and it suits your personality and style.

3. Planning the seating chart takes more work than you might think.

Where people sit at the reception is one of those details that doesn’t seem like it will take all that much work or even one that’s particularly important. In reality, it’s a lot of work and it can be very important. Start working on your seating chart early but be prepared to be flexible and make changes as the day gets closer.

10 Things Not to Forget When Planning Your Wedding

4. Flowers are important.

Before choosing a florist, get references. Talk to other couples you know who have gotten married recently and get their recommendations. It’s also important to pick the right flowers, ones that suit your personalities and that will fit in with the style of the wedding. Don’t forget that going the DIY route is always an option. Farmer’s markets often have great flowers, but flower arranging takes time, energy, and creativity. You can also go nontraditional, with something like origami flowers.

5. Picking the right wedding party can make the day more joyful.

Picking the bridesmaids and groomsmen can be difficult and there are a number of factors to think about like whether your choices can even afford the costs of the position. The most important thing to remember is that it is your decision and it should not be about trying to make other people happy. A great group of people standing by your side can make the day that much better.

6. It will be expensive.

This is one that’s not easy to forget, but there are many costs in addition to the major ones that you might not be remembering. As much as you can, carefully plan out the finances. It also helps to spread out the costs over time. Buying your thank you cards and place cards many months beforehand, for example, can help so you aren’t paying for everything at once.

10 Things Not to Forget When Planning Your Wedding

7. Gifts are little details that mean a lot.

In addition to the gifts that attendees give the bride and groom, the bride and groom have lots of gifts to give as well. These little details can be really special. Don’t forget about personalized groomsmen gifts, gifts for bridesmaids, parents of the bride and groom, for the ringbearer and flower girl, and gifts for each other. There are gifts for every person and occasion. If the groom or/and bride is a tattoo artist, you’d be astounded to find out that there even are unique gifts for tattoo artist.

8. Music heightens the emotion and the fun.

Choosing the right music for both the ceremony and the reception will make the day that much more special and memorable. Spend plenty of time picking the right music. Choose music that is meaningful to you as a couple. For the reception, choose a mix of sweet, romantic slow songs and fun, danceable songs.

9. Planning requires rest.

Planning an event like this is a ton of work but it is impossible without adequate rest. Push yourself to exhaustion and you’ll end up getting sick. You want to be healthy and look your best for the day itself and that requires taking care of yourself in the months leading up to it.

10. Don’t forget to have fun!

There’s a lot of work and a lot of stress involved, but don’t forget that the planning process should be fun. It’s about celebrating your love and creating a special day with loved ones. Don’t forget to enjoy it! Things will go wrong, but learn to laugh and just let it go.