5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

How to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

The day that you take your nuptials is without a doubt going to be one of the most remarkable days of your life, and for the bridal couple, the question of whether the day is going to be unforgettable is a no brainer. With that being said, how do you make the day unforgettable for the rest of the bridal party, and more importantly for the guests in attendance? Let’s take a few moments to look at five great ways that you can make your wedding day unforgettable.


The first way that you can make this special day unforgettable is to choose a theme that is itself unforgettable. That isn’t to say that you should choose a theme that is flashy, or ostentatious merely for the wow factor. Choose a theme that fits who you are as a couple and what your new life together means to the two of you. After that work to tweak the theme to increase the awe factor.

5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

Special Touches

Those special little touches can make your ceremony stand out from something that your guests have ever experienced. Incorporate unique cultural or religious aspects of your lives into the ceremony to make it extra special and personal to you. This individual uniqueness will stand out for your guests. You can also try a new twist on traditions such as a video guest book instead of a traditional one, diverse music offerings at the reception, a ceremony in a strange or unexpected place and more.


Choosing the right venue for your ceremony can make a major impact on its memorability. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box or tradition for that matter. If you both love the big city, why not get married on a rooftop with the skyline behind you. If you are both nature buffs why not get married in the middle of the woods in a clearing surrounded by mother earth. These are just a couple of examples of how a venue choice can be unique and special, and incorporate the personal factor of your marriage into the special day. Another popular option these days is to have a “pop-up” ceremony in the place where the two of you first met. Keep in mind that the venue is easily accessible by everyone. And instead of having people coming individually, hire a shuttle which can take people to the venue from a specific location. Ideal Charter provides chart bus rental in Chicago, and you can contact them to get a clear idea, in case you have decided to go with such an option.

5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable


Traditional receptions don’t usually offer much to impress us enough to be memorable, but that doesn’t have to be the case with yours. Why not have a reception that is different than anything your guests have ever seen. Is there a local theme park that you could rent out, or perhaps a theater for a private performance of your favorite musical, or show your favorite movie with the reception taking place in front of the stage or screen. These are just a few ideas of receptions that will leave your guests amazed and talking for a very long time to come.


The classic way of having a remarkable wedding day is to have the entire event in a beautiful or exotic place. While this is a sure fire hit for memorability, it’s not for everyone and may even come across as being grandiose or pretentious. That isn’t to say that having your event in a destination local isn’t still a good idea, look for places that are important to you as a couple, like the cabin where you took your first solo vacation together, or the couples retreat where you popped the question. These can make amazing destination locations for your ceremony and will provide you with the one of a kind wedding that will stay with your guests.

Your special day is one that will live on in your memories for the rest of your lives. Make sure that you put on an event that will also live on in the memories of your loved ones every time they think of you. These are just five ideas to have a memorable day when you exchange your vows. There are many more ways to make your joining remarkable and unforgettable, you just need to get creative and not be afraid to take chances.