How to Have an Intimate Wedding

Pulling Off that Special Day

We all want that dream wedding, but for many couples the dream includes a personal feeling: creating a cozy, intimate wedding that is unique, thoughtful and special. If you’re looking for ways to pull together an intimate weddinjg, consider incorporating some of the following ideas. With just a bit of planning and effort, you can pull together a special day you and your guests are sure to remember for years to come.

Guest List

One of the easiest ways to get that intimate feeling for your wedding is to pay close attention to the guest list. An overblown list filled with every acquaintance you have ever met is going to take away from that cozy, special feeling. Instead, pare down the list. Invite only those people that truly hold meaning to your lives, people you love and who have supported you throughout the years. Surrounding yourself with the people you care about most will ensure a special event, and naturally leads to a more intimate feeling. Every face you see that day will make you feel that warm and happy glow, which we all want to feel on our big day.

Wedding Invites

Going off the idea of a more personal, smaller guest list, also think carefully about the wedding invites. The invitations are often the first look guests get at your wedding, and set the tone for the rest of the event. Get things started right by sending out invites that add to the intimate feeling you are going for. This can mean using more casual language as opposed to formal wording, or can mean adding a personal message to each guest in the envelop. Letting your friends and family know how excited you are for them to take part in your day will give everyone the intimate feeling you want.
How to Have an Intimate Wedding


The ceremony is a part of wedding planning where you can really make sure things feel intimate. After all, this is where the happy couple exchanges vows and pledges themselves to each other. The exchange is already naturally intimate, and you can amp that up even more. Consider writing your own vows, or asking the ceremony officiant to tell a personal story about the bride and groom. You can also have friends and family come up to share stories or do a reading that is meaningful to the couple. These additions make the ceremony more unique and draw guests into the couple’s private lives.

Reception Space

Finally, don’t overlook the impact the actual reception space can have on creating an intimate feeling for your wedding. This is where guests will sit, mingle and celebrate after the ceremony. Making sure the tables are close together, chairs aren’t too far apart, and everyone has access to talking to the bride and groom will do wonders for putting together an overall intimate effect. And these techniques cost nothing extra to incorporate. It’s a win win for everyone, and will make sure your guests feel included in the intimacy of the day.