Ideas for Your Country WeddingA Relaxed and Chic Country Wedding

One of the hottest trends in wedding planning is the country style wedding, complete with rustic location and informal atmosphere. Many brides are turning to the old-fashioned charm offered by these types of events not only to make planning easier on themselves, but to offer relaxed hospitality and charming fun to their guests. Planning a country style wedding can be easy and fun just by following a few key tips.

Rustic Location

The first and most important step in planning a country chic wedding is to find a great space in which to host it. These days, brides are getting creative when it comes to country locations for their events. Old barns, lake piers, and hay fields have all been gathering places for nuptials, and are great choices for many brides. Many country inns are also willing to host small weddings on their premises, and some areas even have open air pavilions available to rent.

Of course, having an outdoor or remote location isn’t always feasible for all brides; accessibility and weather concerns can make planning more stressful than fun. In those cases, brides can get creative in finding great indoor locations for their rustic weddings. Small country chapels can be beautiful locations, as can old train depots and unused warehouses. Indoor urban locations can boast as much country charm as a rustic barn; all that’s needed is the right decor and atmosphere to transport guests to an old-fashioned wonderland.

Charming Country Decor

The key to decorating for a country wedding is to use as many simple, rustic items as possible. While some brides are drawn to burlap and lace, or even using hay bales as outdoor seating, the country chic vibe can be achieved with even simpler items. Using the ever-popular Mason jars for drink glasses, candle holders, and even guest favors is a great way to set the scene for a rustic chic wedding. Even better, it’s easy to find and custom create colored Mason jars to match the bride’s color scheme. Using galvanized metal accents in food servers, centerpiece containers, and beverage tubs lends a old-fashioned and even slightly industrial look to a traditional rustic affair.

Of course, burlap has become increasingly popular in all decor, even bridal, but brides are also free to choose other natural fibers for their wedding decor. Cotton tablecloths trimmed in lace add an elegant touch to a rustic setting, and crocheted accents placed around a space can lend texture and interest to otherwise bland areas. A nice touch for outdoor weddings is to provide vintage cotton quilts for guests to cuddle in when nights grow cool.

Tasteful Rustic Cuisine

No wedding would be complete without great food for guests to enjoy, and country weddings are no exception. But with country style weddings, the food and how it’s served can make a big impact on the overall feel of the rustic event. Few brides who choose to have a country wedding choose seated, formal dinners for their events. Instead, brides are choosing to offer buffets, passed hors d’oeuvres, and even barbecues and shrimp boils. Often, these more rustic food choices best reflect the tastes and personalities of the bride and groom, and have the added advantage of putting guests at ease with their unexpectedness and charm.

For brides who want the rustic chic wedding experience, but aren’t willing to give up a seated dinner, the trick to staying on theme is to keep the fare simple and fun. Caterers can be great allies when it comes to finding food that the couple loves, will please the guests, and also fit into a country chic event.