Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography is a type of architectural photography, but with some important differences. Both real estate photography and architectural photography involve capturing photos of buildings’ interiors and exteriors. However, the way in which the images are captured and used can be quite different. Real estate photography is mainly used for marketing and sales purposes, while architectural photography is more focused on artistic expression.

Although they may seem similar, real estate and architectural photography are two very different types of photoshoots that require different approaches. This is because the client’s expectations will be different, as well as the photographer’s gear. For example, a real estate shoot may require a wide-angle lens to capture the entirety of the property, while an architectural shoot may require a telephoto lens to capture specific details. The photographer must be aware of these differences in order to produce the best possible photos for their client.

Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is a subgenre of photography that emphasizes capturing aesthetically pleasing photographs of buildings and other structures accurately. Architectural photographers typically use specialized techniques and cameras to produce such specialized photography.


A key principle of architectural photography is called perspective control, which refers to the use of vertical lines that appear parallel in the photo. This is accomplished by making sure the focal plane of the camera is perpendicular to the ground, no matter what elevation the camera is at. This can be done with view cameras, tilt/shift lenses, or by editing the photo afterwards.

Traditional view cameras have been used for architectural photography for their ability to control perspective and produce creative results. In a similar fashion to landscape photography, a deep depth of field is usually employed so that both the foreground and background (to infinity) are in sharp focus. This allows for a more detailed and accurate portrayal of the scene.

It is important that wide-angle lenses are used when shooting interior and exterior photography.

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Real Estate Photography Charlotte NC
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Real Estate Photography Charlotte NC
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