20 Tips for Getting An Amazing Senior PortraitPhotography Tips for Getting that Amazing Senior Portrait

Your Senior Portrait only happens once in a lifetime. Make it something truly special and get a truly amazing photo.

1.Do the Impossible with Photoshop: Make the impossible a reality with a little Photoshop magic. Stand on top of the trees or float away on a gentle breeze.

2.Get Back to Nature: Find yourself by getting lost in the beauty of a natural woods or lake.

3.Find an Unusual Focus: A little soft blurring in the foreground or background can really make you stand out.

4.Get an Eyecatching Prop: A brightly colored flag or pop of confetti adds motion and vibrancy to your Senior Portrait.

5.Find a Natural Lens Flare: Natural sunlight makes the most dramatic and moving addition to your photo. Put it behind you for a startling lens flare or relax in dabbled sun and shade.

6.Go Somewhere Unexpected: Find an abandoned building for a backdrop. Dangle your legs over the side of a bridge. Push a boat out to the middle of a lake. Be spontaneous!

7.Do Something Active: Get up and get moving. Now’s the time to show off your favorite sport or just get outdoors!

8.Kiss Your Cares Goodbye: Kiss all of your worries goodbye and look forward to where life takes you next.

9.Bring In Your Pet: Your best friend has been on this journey with you the whole time. Get her in the photo and make it a special memory for everyone.

10.Reflect on Yourself: A mirror makes a dynamic and symbolic statement. Peer into your own image and see the person you’ve been and are becoming.

11.Get Intense: Life is ahead of you. Take a moment to embrace that thought. Serious contemplation makes a weighty visual impression.

12.Get Lost in a Book: Prop yourself up with your favorite book and let the cares of the world pass you by.

13.Show How You’ve Grown: Hold up a picture of yourself as a child to recapture some of the former years. This moment includes all of those that have come before.

14.Turn Things Upside Down: Your life is about to turn upside down; it seems only fair to get an sneak peek! Go head over heels for a whimsically memorable photo.

15.Let the Camera Sneak Up on You: Glance over your shoulder with a mischievous smile just as they snap the photo. It tells everyone that you know they’re watching.

16.Do Something Fun: There’s no need to be serious all the time. Do something unexpected and delightfully silly while you still have the chance!

17.Go Extremely Casual: Put on that comfy sweater and dare life to try and get you down!

18.Make It a Formal Occasion: If there were ever a time to dress up, go to the nines and make a glitzy, glamorous impression!

19.Bring On the Wildlife: Capture a moment at a petting zoo or feeding the little animals. Show off your soft side!

20.Everything Old is New Again: Vintage photos have a certain look and feel that captures times past. Take that look and make it your own!