Maternity Portraits

Unleash your inner strength and beauty with our personalized portrait experiences. I will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that your imagery is nothing short of extraordinary and truly stands out.

Why settle for the same old maternity portraits that everyone else has when you can be bold and create something truly unique? I will work closely with you to design a custom portrait experience that showcases your individuality and captures your beauty in a powerful way.

How this works

Starting with the end in mind for your maternity portraits, I will work with you to plan how your images will be displayed in your home. This allows me to collaborate with you to tailor your portrait session to your specific needs.  By considering where and how your images will be seen, you can create a cohesive and meaningful collection that tells your family’s story.

You may want an iconic image to hang on one of your walls or a collection of smaller images that will hang together to fill a larger wall space.  We can work together to create a wall that makes a statement. 

Incorporating older images with new ones is also a great way to create a family gallery that tells a complete story. By combining images from different times, you can see how your family has grown and changed over the years.

Creating a custom-designed album is another wonderful option for those who may not have a lot of wall space or who are moving soon. A luxurious album allows you to preserve the photos in a beautiful and tangible way that can be cherished for years to come.

The Design Consultation

Working with me as your guide during our design consultation, will ensure that your maternity portraits serve a purpose and are not just a random collection of images or pictures sitting on a drive in a drawer after sharing a few images on social media. If you are looking for a fully tailored experience that includes design, clothing consultation and installation of your wall art, then let’s begin the process together!

Our process for creating your maternity portraits begins with a Design Consultation, where we take the time to learn about you. Understanding your personality and dynamics is key to capturing your unique qualities in the photos. We are happy to answer any questions you may have during the consultation, including which maternity gown looks best in photographs as you go through our extensive maternity gown closet, the investment required, and the most suitable areas of your home for displaying the portraits. Additionally, we welcome any questions about your portrait session.

What to Wear

After your Design Consultation, you’ll have a clear idea of the outfits that will look great for your maternity portrait session as we collaborate to design the look of your your wardrobe. If you are including a spouse and/or children in some of your portraits, we are available to consult with you about any additional outfits you may have at home after going through our closet to match your family to one of the gowns you have chosen to wear via phone, email, or Zoom meetings in the time leading up to your Portrait Session. We will work together to finalize your outfits at least one week before your scheduled session, giving us plenty of time to make any last-minute changes.

The day of your Portrait Session

I am here to capture your natural beauty in these photos and you are going to look absolutely stunning. This is a very special moment that you will want to remember forever, and I am honored to be able to capture it for you. Let’s take our time and create a comfortable and relaxed environment. We can work at your pace and take breaks whenever you need them. It’s important to just be yourself and enjoy the moment, and I will take care of the rest. With my experience working with expectant mothers, you can feel confident that you’re in good hands.

Viewing and Ordering Session

Your Viewing and Order appointment will take place about a week after your photo shoot at our studio. This appointment is crucial as it’s the time when you’ll make final decisions on your portrait order. We highly recommend scheduling a time that works for both you and your spouse.

With our advanced software and pictures of your home’s walls, we can display your portraits scaled to the appropriate size. This ensures that your portraits will fit perfectly and won’t be too big or too small.

We’ll be with you every step of the way, using your initial goals from the consultation to help you achieve the exact look and feel you want for your family portraits.

Delivery and Installation of your Artwork

The majority of our clients choose to have their portraits delivered and installed in their homes. You can expect to receive your portraits around 4-6 weeks after placing your order, and our team will take care of everything from delivery to installation.

By opting for this service, you can avoid any potential arguments over the placement of your portraits. Instead of having to deal with the hassle of hanging them yourself, our team will handle all the heavy lifting and make sure everything is positioned perfectly. This way, both spouses can rest easy and enjoy the beautiful portraits of their family without any disagreements.

Our Clients Love Us!

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Underwater Maternity Photographer Charlotte NC
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Let us capture your memories beautifully and forever.

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